What's in a name?

People often ask me why or how I picked the name Hummingbird Home for our shop. When I envisioned having a storefront one day, I dreamt of a warm and welcoming place that people would enter and get a feeling of home. I wanted friends and strangers alike to feel like they could pull up a chair and share a story or a memory that was sparked by a vintage piece that we had in the store. Sure, I wanted a store filled with pretty things for your home, but it is the feeling of home that I was striving for. So, when it came time to name the store (which is a big commitment) I reflected on what gave me that "feeling" of home and I knew exactly what made me have that feeling as a little girl. My mother had a beautiful arbor outside of our bay window filled with the most beautiful wisteria vine that I had ever seen.  Also, hanging from the arbor were hummingbird feeders that were filled daily with sweet nectar that would draw the hummingbirds in. I couldn't wait to see my mom go out and feed the hummingbirds everyday and I was amazed at how they would flutter so close to her as she did it. I can still close my eyes and see her doing that and it makes me have that "feeling" of being home. 


  • Debbie Lynn Rhein

    I’ve always loved the name of your store and the logo. It’s unique and I have only good feelings when I think of hummingbirds. It’s nice to know the story behind the name. My mom and dad had a feeder right outside their dining room window. They had a birds-eye view :) Now I also feed them and love watching them buzz around my garden. I’m excited for your store to re-open! See you soon.

  • Roxanne Cadwell

    Love how you got your name of your store. Love your store. You are going to do awesome in your new location.

  • Sue T

    I loved your first Store I’m the person who give you the little Candle sample I can’t wait to go to your new store, Love your story we are going to Richmond good ol’days so I hope to see you again your a beautiful and blessed person. ❤️

  • Michele

    I LOVE this story!! I always wondered what was behind the name!! I thought it was because you are always fluttering around to do so many things all the time!!! But this….this is a wonderful tribute to your beautiful momma!! You have done well to honor your memory in this way! 🥰

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