When we decided to renovate an a building that was over ______ years old, we knew it would be a TON of work, but we knew that restoring this beautiful building and making it the new location for Hummingbird Home was the right thing to do! This gem has seen so many businesses come and go but now it is where we begin a new chapter in the life of Hummingbird Home. From a service station, to a glass company, to a tire service and repair station, I am sure that this historical building never thought it would become the home of a luxury candle and fragrance company, but here we are. 

When we began to make the plan for the different spaces in the building, we were convinced that we were going to keep the checkerboard floor, but curiosity got the best of us. Look what we found!!!

One week later and we finally finished sanding the floors! Yeah!!! (I am so sore! Lol) One step closer

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