The tapestry of an old building.


   I can tell you that this whole project that we have embarked on has some days been exhausting and frustrating with all the delays in building supplies and the search to find contractors that are willing to even work on a 100+ year old building. But, the more layers we pull back, the more I fall in love with our old fixer of a building. The time we have not been open this summer for reasons beyond our control, have actually been a blessing to us as well. We have formed relationships with people in the community and tradesmen that have a love for old buildings as much as we do and I feel even more everyday that this is the place we belong. 

    We are slowly adding new pieces of character (from roughly the same time period that our building was built) to the interior through historic items that we are coming across. Each time we hunt down a treasure, we are amazed by the stories behind them and the people that are sharing them with us. Someone once told me that living and putting your stamp on an old building is like being part of a tapestry that makes up the history of that place. I thank God every morning when my feet hit the floor, that we were given the opportunity to be a part of this buildings "tapestry" and the wonderful community that surrounds us. Most of all, I can't wait to share it with all of you when we finally get to open!


  • Marie

    The neighbors on my street are anxiously awaiting your opening. Having your establishment so close is a bonus for us. See you SOON!

  • Andrea

    The heartfelt message of this blog makes me want to “experience “ (not just shop in) the new store. I can’t wait until you open.

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