Historic Visit

This has been a very exciting week around Hummingbird Home. The discovery of the tin sign on the front of the building brought to us a fascinating visitor. Last week we had the privilege of meeting Tina, the great great granddaughter of the owners that purchased the building in the early 1920's. Tina shared the stories with us that have been handed down from generation to generation in her family. We got to tour the building and grounds together and put a location to some of the photos that she had. This picture of her grandmother in the back of the building is definitely one of my favorites. Her stories of her ancestors living and working here made me feel so blessed that there is such a rich history of love, family, and pride of ownership. Thanks to Tina, we have a lot of pictures and stories to share with our family and friends and we will have some of these on display when the store opens up in November. I think in the busy world we live in, we sometimes forget where we came from and who we came from. This was a priceless visit that we will never forget!

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